Bowlingbal Motiv Hydra

  • Bowlingbal Motiv Hydra
  • Bowlingbal Motiv Hydra


The Hydra is one of the cleanest bowling balls ever produced by MOTIV®. The combination of the incredibly clean and angular Hexion™ cover system combined with the high RG / low differential Halogen core results in easy length with impressive backend motion.
House bowlers competing in high friction environments and rev dominant players will gravitate to the Hydra as it will be the perfect angular ball in their bag. Tournament bowlers looking for a dry lane performance bowling ball need the Hydra in their bag. Unlike entry level pearls, this beast can strike from the deep and provides more angles of attack.

Color: Black Pearl
Core: Halogen™ 
Coverstock: Hexion LFP Reactive
Mass Bias: 0.001
RG: 2.55
Differential: 0.037
Factory Finish: 5000 Grit LSP

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