Bowlingbal 900 Ordnance Pearl

  • Bowlingbal 900 Ordnance Pearl
  • Bowlingbal 900 Ordnance Pearl

  • The 70™ Solid Coverstock is best suited for medium to medium-heavy conditions.
  • The Shrapnel™ Symmetric core creates a smooth continuous motion off the breakpoint.

The Ordnance and Ordnance Pearl are this year’s benchmark line. The pearl will provide more length as the oil transitions and the heads begin to dry up causing a need for a move inside. The Ordnance Pearl will store energy and provide a more dramatic move at the breakpoint.

The Projectile™ Symmetric core with higher RG in the Ordnance Pearl will store energy for the back of lane. The S70 coverstock has been a proven winner in the Black Ops and Break series for over ten years.

Count on the Ordnance Pearl as more energy is needed later in your league session.


Tech Specs

Color: Magenta/Silver Pearl
Finish: 1.500 Polished
Core: Projectile™ Symmetric
Flare Potential: 5″ plus 
Weights: 12-16 Lbs
LB RG Diff
16 2.53 0.054
15 2.54 0.054
14 2.56 0.054
13 2.58 0.040
12 2.60 0.040

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