Bowlingbal Roto Grip Hy-wire

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  • Bowlingbal Roto Grip Hy-wire
  • Bowlingbal Roto Grip Hy-wire
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 Roto Grip Hy-wire

I put it all on the line every time. Nothing can stop me. My dynamic Middle Roll 70™ symmetric core provides plenty of midlane motion with just the right amount of control through the pin deck. One part solid and two parts pearl, my 62M™ Hybrid Reactive coverstock leaps through the front yet remains controlled at the breakpoint. Come on, soar and be fearless with me...Read More



Given the success of my relative the Haywire™, I’ve also been granted the Middle Roll 70™ core. This tried and true core provides the right amount of motion with the ideal balance to keep it all in your control.



My unique 62M™ Hybrid Reactive coverstock is one part solid and two parts pearl, which means that I can scoot through the front just like a pearlized cover and have just what is needed from a solid at the breakpoint. This dynamic combo is a definite win-win.



I’m gifted with a 1500-grit factory polished finish, but I can still be easily sanded if an earlier motion is desired. I can also be shined up more for length, and by the way, I’m great on those medium oil conditions. Are you ready to roll?


Coverstock Name 62M™
Coverstock Style Hybrid
Coverstock Type Reactive
Weight Block Middle Roll 70™ Core
Color Blue Solid / Yellow & Violet Pearl
Finish 1500-grit Polish
Finish Method Can be sanded
Durometer 73-75 on D-Scale
Flare Potential 5" +/Medium-High
Weights 16lbs - 12lbs
Release Date 03/15/16


Weight Radius of
Differential PSA Differential
16 2.50 0.041 n/a
15 2.50 0.043 n/a
14 2.53 0.042 n/a
13 2.59 0.045 n/a
12 2.65 0.035 n/a

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