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  • bowlingbal Storm Pitch Blue
  • bowlingbal Storm Pitch Blue
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Verkrijgbaar medio februari 2016

Storm Pitch Blue

Control Your Outcome

“The Bowler’s Company.” You’ve heard the tag line before, right? To us it’s more than just a catch phrase, a few words to try to hang your hat on. Storm truly is the bowlers company because, through and through, we are a company of bowlers like no other. We know bowling, and we have a passion for excellence both on and off the lanes.  

And sometimes those lane conditions can get quite tricky! If the lanes are really dry and it’s hard to control the pocket, many top competitors put down their reactive balls in favor of traditional urethanes.  Storm’s new Pitch Blue™ combines proven technology principles of yesterday with modern day science. The result is a new ControllPlus pearl urethane coverstock that is cleaner through the heads than the original Pitch Black and more responsive at the break point. It’s a must for every tournament player.

The symmetrical and stable CapacitorCore helps regulate your flare potential with thunderous results. Let Storm’s Vector Layout System™ help you choose the proper layout for your game and your lane conditions. After all, isn’t it really all about you?!

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