Cleaners Motiv Amplify Ball Cleaner (1 Gallon)
Cleaners Motiv Amplify Ball Cleaner (1 Gallon)
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Take bowling ball performance to another level with Amplify sprayball cleaner. It easily removes oil and grime leaving bowling ballssqueaky clean and ready for action!

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To make Amplify™ different, we packaged it in a high-end 8-ounce aluminum bottle to provide a durable refillable package. So you can use this bottle more often, save money and also reduce waste for our environment. But this is not the only reason to buy Motiv Amplfy Ball Cleaner: The strong formulation cleanes every Bowlingball from dirt, dust and lane oil and gives you the grip you need to strike on modern lane conditions.


  • strong formulation
  • for all types of bowlingballs

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