Bowlingschoen Storm SP3 White-Blue-Gold
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The SP3 is the first Storm shoe that features the Toehold Hyperflex Engineering to ensure proper alignment during sole attachment. Dual channels allow the sole to flex and stretch at both point, minim

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The Storm Womens SP3 takes the world of womens bowling shoes to the next level. The Toehold Hyperflex Engineering was designed to increases the flexibility and durability of the shoe. The high performance detailing of this bowling shoe leaves nothing out.


  • Right and left convertible
  • Toehold Hyperflex Engineering
  • Total Interchangeable Sole Construction without trimming
  • Total Interchangeable Heel Construction
  • Soft full-grain leather upper
  • Strobal construction for increased flexibility
  • Molded midsole with classic raised shank and heel
  • Lower Tongue with Mesh for Breathability
  • On Shoe (removable): THE8, H5ST, THT2, H2UB
  • In box: 2 shoe covers

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