About Hammer

Hammer didn't start out as a brand. It started with a black ball called the Hammer that hit harder and knocked down more pins than other balls did. That's where the name came from. Hammer's inventors Earl Widman and John Wonders had a simple explanation for what made the Hammer strike so hard: "We make our urethane shells twice as thick as our competitor's do."

Earl and John weren't marketers. They just figured that performance mattered, and if they built a better ball, serious bowlers would want to throw it. They were right. And when they were compelled to produce another ball, they called it the Nail. And when new Hammer's came out in different colors they were appropriately named the Red Hammer and the Blue Hammer. No nonsense. Simply striking tools for serious bowlers. For winners. And thus, the Hammerheads were born.

Today Hammer continues this legacy every day by focusing on what matters to serious bowlers, and nothing else.

“Nothing Hits Like a Hammer.”


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